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2008-12-31T18:00:00  -  Calendar of Corporate Events
2008-12-31T15:30:00  -  Annual Report 2008
2008-12-31T10:33:00  -  Earnings Release - 4Q08
2008-12-15T10:00:00  -  Minutes of the board of director's meeting
2008-12-01T10:22:00  -  UBS 5th Annual LATAM-EMEA Investor Conference
2008-11-18T08:00:00  -  Morgan Stanley Thirteenth Annual Global Consumer & Retail Conference Presentation
2008-10-31T10:28:00  -  Conference Call Transcription 3Q08
2008-10-24T08:00:00  -  Conference Call Webcast - 3Q08
2008-10-24T08:00:00  -  Conference Call 3Q08 Invitation
2008-10-22T19:06:00  -  Earnings Release - 3Q08
2008-10-22T10:00:00  -  Minutes of the board of directors' meeting
2008-10-03T10:25:00  -  Conference Call 3Q08 - Presentation
2008-09-30T20:44:00  -  Quarterly Financial Information - 3Q08
2008-09-30T10:23:00  -  Earnings Release - 3Q08
2008-09-25T19:00:00  -  INI Investors Meeting Presentation April 2008 (available only in portuguese)
2008-09-03T13:30:00  -  Webcast - Lehman Brothers Second Annual Back-To-School Consumer Conference
2008-09-03T08:00:00  -  Lehman Brothers Second Annual Back-To-School Presentation September 2008
2008-08-21T08:03:00  -  9th Santander Annual Brazil Conference Presentation
2008-07-30T12:00:00  -  Credit Suisse 2nd Annual Midsummer Latam Conference Presentation
2008-07-25T12:00:00  -  Conference Call Presentation - 2Q08
2008-07-25T11:00:00  -  Conference Call Transcription - 2Q08
2008-07-25T10:00:00  -  Conference Call Webcast - 2Q08
2008-07-25T09:00:00  -  Translation: Conference Call Transcription - 2Q08
2008-07-23T19:18:00  -  Earnings Release - 2Q08
2008-07-23T18:00:00  -  Notice to Shareholders - Distribution of Dividends
2008-07-23T18:00:00  -  Minutes of the board of directors' meeting
2008-06-30T20:20:00  -  Quarterly Financial Information - 2Q08
2008-06-30T15:57:00  -  Conference Call Transcription 2Q08
2008-06-30T15:52:00  -  Conference Call 2Q08 - Presentation
2008-06-30T15:25:00  -  Earnings Release - 2Q08
2008-06-27T18:00:00  -  Minutes of the board of directors’ meeting
2008-06-26T08:00:00  -  1st Annual Citi Brazil Equity Conference Presentation June 2008
2008-06-18T08:00:00  -  Deutsche Bank Global Consumer & Food Retail Conference Presentation June 2008
2008-05-21T08:00:00  -  3rd Annual Brazil Conference hosted by Itaú Securities Presentation
2008-05-12T14:30:00  -  Goldman Sachs Consumer Products Symposium Presentation
2008-05-12T08:00:00  -  Webcast - Goldman Sachs Consumer Products Symposium
2008-04-28T10:32:00  -  Europe JP Morgan Roadshow Presentation April 2008
2008-04-25T16:17:00  -  Conference Call Presentation - 1Q08
2008-04-25T10:17:00  -  Conference Call Webcast - 1Q08
2008-04-23T19:35:00  -  Earnings Release - 1Q08
2008-04-23T17:49:00  -  Related parties
2008-04-23T17:46:00  -  Notice to the market
2008-04-22T18:13:00  -  Plan for the granting of call option
2008-04-22T18:10:00  -  Minutes of the board of directors' meeting
2008-04-22T18:05:00  -  Minutes of the board of directors' meeting
2008-04-03T12:12:00  -  INI Investors Meeting Presentation April 2008 (available only in Portuguese)
2008-03-31T20:16:00  -  Quarterly Financial Information - 1Q08
2008-03-31T18:20:00  -  Material Fact - merger of subsidiary Nova Flora Participações Ltda.
2008-03-31T18:00:00  -  Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings - Minute
2008-03-31T15:22:00  -  Conference Call 1Q08 - Presentation
2008-03-31T15:13:00  -  Earnings Release - 1Q08
2008-03-31T14:21:00  -  Conference Call Transcription 1Q08
2008-03-31T12:00:00  -  Call Notice Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings
2008-03-26T16:20:00  -  Citigroup Latam Conference Presentation March 2008
2008-03-20T17:30:00  -  Notice to the Market
2008-03-20T17:27:00  -  Ending of the acquisition of shares
2008-03-20T09:56:00  -  Webcast - Apimec SP March 2008 (available only in portuguese)
2008-03-17T11:01:08  -  Apimec 2008 - Invitation
2008-02-27T18:30:00  -  Management Report, Financial Statements and Accounting Statements, as accompanied by the Opinion of the Independent Auditors and the proposal of allocation of net profits in the fiscal year ended on December 31, 2007
2008-02-27T18:30:00  -  Amend the wording of article 5 and caput of article 6 of the Company’s Bylaws
2008-02-27T18:30:00  -  Purchase of non-par registered common shares
2008-02-27T18:00:00  -  Distribution of Dividends
2008-02-27T18:00:00  -  Maurício Javier Gatto Bellora’s resignation
2008-02-27T18:00:00  -  Proposal of global compensation of members of the Board of Directors and Board of Executive Officers of the Company
2008-02-27T18:00:00  -  Proposal to exclude paragraphs two and three of Article 2 of the Company’s Bylaws
2008-02-27T18:00:00  -  Proposal of Merger of Nova Flora Participações Ltda.
2008-02-27T18:00:00  -  Notice to the Market - Exercise of the Options
2008-02-27T18:00:00  -  Merger of Nova Flora Participações Ltda.
2008-02-27T18:00:00  -  Purchase of shares
2008-02-27T18:00:00  -  Agreements with the same group
2008-02-27T18:00:00  -  Protocol and Justification of merger of Nova Flora Participações Ltda.
2008-02-27T17:10:00  -  2007 Results Presentation
2008-02-18T10:02:15  -  4Q07 Conference Call Invitation
2008-02-18T09:55:07  -  4Q07 Conference Call Invitation
2008-02-18T09:45:24  -  Conference Call Invitation 4Q07
2008-01-14T08:50:41  -  Santander 12ª Latin America Annual Conference Presentation January 2008
2008-01-11T15:40:00  -  12th Annual Latin American Conference Presentation January 2008

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