The Company

We are a 100% Brazilian brand that was born from a passion for cosmetics and relationships. We are present in seven Latin American countries and in France and we are the leader in Brazil's cosmetic, fragrance, toiletry and direct sales industry.

We seek to create value for society as a whole by generating integrated results in the social, economic and environmental dimensions. We firmly believe that sustainable results are achieved through quality relationships, which is why we maintain open channels of dialogue with all of our stakeholders.

Our products are the greatest expression of our essence. To develop them, we mobilize a network of people who are capable of integrating scientific knowledge with the sustainable use of Brazil’s rich botanical biodiversity. Our products are not tested on animals and we follow rigorous international safety standards. All of this results in high-quality cosmetics that provide pleasure and well-being.

We encourage our consultants to use and experience our products before selling them and promote high quality relationships between our team and our consumers.

We also encourage the personal, material and professional development of our consultants and the dissemination of the concept of well being well in order to help build a more prosperous, fair and harmonious society.

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