The Company

Founded in 1969, Natura is a multinational Brazilian company operating in the cosmetics, personal care and beauty industries. Under the Natura brand, we are present in Brazil, as well as in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, United States, France, Mexico and Peru (we also operate in Bolivia through a local distributor). In the Brazilian market, we are the leading direct selling player and currently are expanding our footprint in the retail sector through own stores and partnerships with drugstore chains. We also are investing in an expanding digital platform.

We have approximately 7,000 employees and our products are sold by 1.8 million consultants. We have own plants located in Cajamar, São Paulo and Benevides, Pará, and outsource production in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. The logistics structure includes a hub in Itupeva, São Paulo and nine distribution centers, with our most recent center inaugurated in Argentina, in 2016. Our international footprint also includes our Australian brand Aesop, in which Natura increased its interest to 100%, in late 2016.

Our operations are guided by the motto well being well, which represents the harmonious relationship of the individual with themselves, with others and with the whole. Over the course of our history, we have strengthened our commitment to sustainable development. As a company, we created the challenge of generating a positive financial, social, cultural and environmental impact, which is consolidated in our Sustainability Vision 2050, launched in 2014. In the same year, we also became the first listed corporation to be certified by B Corp. We are concluding the process to renew this certification, which identifies a global movement of companies that attribute equal value to their economic, social and environmental results.

We combine sustainable design and traditional and scientific knowledge to develop products under an open innovation model, which involves a network of Brazilian and global partners. We work jointly with suppliers to reduce the impacts of our products by developing the chain for using recycled materials, such as PET and glass. More than 80% of our formulas are plant-based, i.e. renewable, and we maintain relations with 2,000 families in the Amazon region to source active ingredients from Brazil’s biodiversity, thereby encouraging production techniques that contribute to the conservation of 256,000 hectares of standing forest.

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