Our reason for being is to create and sell products and services that promote well-being/being well.


is the individual's harmonious, agreeable relationship with himself/herself, with his/her body.

being well

is the individual's empathetic, successful and pleasurable relationship with others, with the nature he/she is part of, with the whole.


Natura, through its corporate conduct, through the quality relationships it establishes, and through its products and services, will be a globally significant brand, identified with the community of people committed to building a better world by means of a better relationship with themselves, with others, with the nature they are part of, with the whole.


Life is a chain of relationships.

Nothing in the universe exists on its own; everything is interdependent.

We believe that perceiving the importance of relationships is the foundation for the great human revolution, acknowledging the value of peace, solidarity and life in all of its manifestations.

The constant pursuit of improvement is what drives the development of individuals, organizations and society.

Commitment to the truth is the path to quality relationships.

With greater diversity of parts, to whole is richer and more vital.

The pursuit of beauty, a legitimate longing of every human being, should be free from prejudice and manipulations.

The company, a living organism, is a dynamic web of relationships. Its value and longevity are tied to its ability to contribute to society's evolution and its sustainable development.

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