Growth in income in Brazil and the resulting expansion in the number of retail and direct selling brands have significantly transformed the business environment for the cosmetics, fragrance and toiletries industry. As a result, Natura realized it needed to strengthen operations around the company’s fundamentals: offering quality products that promote well being well for the company’s relationship network.

We are still capturing the benefits of an investment cycle totaling almost R$ 2 billion over the last four years, which enhanced our technological, production and logistics infrastructure. We plan to capitalize on this, leveraging relationship selling through high connectivity and extensive information processing and analytical capacity. The 1.7 million Natura consultants form a powerful social network that must be supported by technological resources able to recognize the needs and behaviors of the consultants’ customers, providing personalized offerings driving greater convenience and satisfaction with the buying experience.

The company has been investing in the provision of information, applications, means of payment and other instruments to enhance the consultants’ performance. We also want to strengthen the company’s presence among customers through the development of complementary channels – such as the Natura Network digital platform – which enable and leverage direct sales. The company also aims to differentiate its communication, bringing the Natura brand closer to its stakeholders once again by underscoring the core attributes that unite them.

In the International Operations, the target is to accelerate the transfer of innovations and learning, in particular to the countries in which the businesses have reached a higher level of consolidation, such as Argentina, Chile and Peru, while continuing to expand the sales channel and the level of brand awareness in Colombia and in Mexico. Meanwhile, Aesop will continue to grow in large urban centers worldwide, focused on the premium  cosmetics segment. This expansion will include the opening of stores in Brazil in 2015. The acquisition of Aesop reinforces our belief in the potential for expanding Natura’s business in the future through new brands and product categories.

For further information, check the 2014 Annual Report, on pages 9 - 11 (at the PDF), by clicking in the following image:

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