On August 28, 1969, Luiz Seabra founds Indústria e Comércio de Cosméticos Berjeaout Ltda. in partnership with Jean Berjeaout, which after a few months due comes to be called Natura, due to the presence of plant-based active ingredients in the products.


Our first store is opened on Rua Oscar Freire in São Paulo. Customers are served directly by founder Luiz Seabra. 
Rua Domingos de Moraes, a street in the Vila Mariana district of São Paulo, is the first address of our production plant, which at the time had less than ten employees.


Launch of the first sales catalogue with detailed information on how to use the products. The catalogue becomes an important resource for consultants in helping them serve their customers.


Strong growth based on the regional expansion and on the product’s portfolio. Cosmetics products with Refill.


Launch of the UV.AB Sunblock System line, which combines products that act on two levels: surface protection and deep protection, helping to combat the harmful effects of free radicals. The products are discontinued in 1996.

Our logo is changed to a rosette, which represents the union of the companies that formed the Natura System: Natura, Meridiana, Yga, Pró-Estética and L’Arc en Ciel.


We publish our Reason for Being (commitment to well-being/being well) and our Beliefs: importance of relationships, commitment to the truth, continuous improvement, promoting diversity, appreciating beauty without stereotypes and the company as a promoter of social enrichment.

The Chronos line stems from the belief that beauty must be free of all prejudice and standards and that women must discover and value their own beauty. In 1996, our advertising campaigns become the first ever to use real women of various ages in a cosmetics commercial – the Truly Beautiful Woman.

  • International expansion.
  • Ethos Institute foundation.
  • See to Believe Program.


The Mamãe & Bebê line is created to celebrate and strengthen the bond between mother and child, the fundamental love. Launched in October, the line includes products and application methods that strengthen the ties between mother and child by promoting the use of massage techniques to encourage touch and communication between them. Formed by products for pregnant women and for babies that contain no alcohol or dyes, the line becomes a trademark. To disseminate the importance of massage for the baby’s well-being as well as the line's concept, we publish a leaflet with complete information on the products and the Integrated Massage Method, which is an illustrated brochure with photographs and detailed descriptions. The massage techniques used by this method are based on Shantala, an ancient Indian technique disseminated in the West by the physician Frederick Leboyer. In the Brazilian market, Mamãe & Bebê is a reference in this category.


The Believing is Seeing Program is created to help improve public education in Brazil.


Natura Homem becomes a complete line of personal care products for men that features fragrances and face, body and hair care products.


We forge a partnership with the Agricultural Extraction Development Cooperative in Médio Juruá in the Amazon Region, marking the company’s first association with traditional communities.


The launch of the Ekos line marks a phase in which we begin to be recognized as a company that knows, researches and uses Brazil's biodiversity sustainably, while in turn helping to preserve it. The line becomes the first pillar in the construction of this principle by drawing inspiration from nature and biodiversity. Made 100% from active ingredients from Brazil's biodiversity, Ekos integrates products from various categories (hair, bath, body and fragrance) through unique concept and aesthetics. The principles that guide the development of the line's products are: environmental responsibility, packaging with less material, recycled and recyclable packaging, refills for all items and biodegradable formulas.

  • Natura Cajamar Site


On May 25th, Natura IPO at Bovespa – Novo Mercado.


We launch Natura Musical, given our belief that music is the expression of Well Being Well and has the capacity to bring people together, build harmonious relationships and awaken and enrich our senses. The Mission of Natura Musical is to value and develop initiatives that transform Brazilian music into a vehicle for this expression.


Natura eliminates tests with animals, using synthetic material for researches and tests.


Upon completing 40 years, we reach the milestone of 1 million consultants.


Refill Reduces, Refill Respects: we implement the use of ecologically correct refill packaging made from green plastic. The plastic used to produce the refill packaging begins to be made from sugarcane ethanol, a plant-based and renewable energy source, unlike regular plastic, which is made from petroleum.

Creation of Natura Institute to enlarge our contribution for the public education improvement.

Intensification of the international performance and position in Latin America with local production in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. We have also operations in Chile and Peru.

Combining entrepreneurship and social consciousness, we launched an innovative commercial model in Mexico, where consultants develop themselves through sales and through the engagement in social environmental actions.


We create the Natura Institute, a non-profit organization with an independent head office that aims to expand and strengthen our initiatives while enhancing the internal processes and management and governance practices of our social actions. Promoting education, which is one of our priority themes in the area of sustainability, also becomes the foundation of all of the new organization's activities.

10th anniversary of Natura Ekos: the brand launches new soaps made from murumuru, cupuaçu, passion fruit and cocoa that contain 20% to 50% oils from Brazil's biodiversity extracted from active ingredients supplied by eight new communities. Through this initiative, we begin to benefit over 263 families in addition to the 1,714 families that are already Ekos partners, while maintaining ethical and fair relationships with the communities, valuing active ingredients from biodiversity and preserving the standing forest.

Launch of the magazine Revista Natura: 2 million copies are distributed in each sales cycle in Brazil and in the International Operations. In addition to the product catalogue, the magazine also contains editorials and conceptual articles.


Amazon Program: Launching of the Natura Amazon Innovation Center.


Launch of SOU, an innovative line from the beginning to the end. It has a formula without excess, an intelligent process with less waste and 70% less plastic packaging, which provides the use until the last drop of what matters: what is inside. Pleasure without waste.

Expansion of the operations and logistics network. In 48 hours, 35% of orders delivered.

Acquisition of the Australian brand Aesop.


Inauguration of the Ecopark in Benevides, an industrial complex which intend to generate sustainable business from the Amazon’s social biodiversity and boost the local entrepreneurship.

Natura has just received certification from the Benefit Corporation and will now strengthen this global movement of companies joined together to foster a more sustainable society. This makes Natura the first publicly traded B Corp in Latin America and the world’s largest based on sales revenue and number of employees.

We have been selected as an index component of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2014 (DJSI). The DJSI were the first global index tracking the financial performance of the leading sustainability-driven companies worldwide based on an analysis of financially material economic, environmental, and social factors.

We started selling our products also through the Natura network throughout Brazil. The Natura Network is our digital channel at the service of our consultants, to monitor changes in the ways and habits of interpersonal relationships. With online sales, the activities of consultants gain a new profile, the so-called Natura Digital Consultants.


We have been selected as an index component of the Euronext - Vigeo EM 70, index that distinguishes 70 companies from a universe of 900 listed companies in emerging markets. The listed companies have the highest performances in corporate responsibility based on their ratings by Vigeo, Leading European agency in evaluating corporate responsibility.


Natura stores are opened in Brazil, offering to the consumer the product experimentation.

Distribution Center São Paulo begins to operate with full capacity - its facilities allow people with disabilities to be about 15% of the total employees.

The New York store opens.


Natura promotes the revitalization of direct selling - called Relationship Sales - and creates new profiles of consultants and different opportunities for progression in the business.

Acquisition of the British cosmetic company The Body Shop.

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