Commercial Model

For the belief in the sales’ power through relations, we chose the direct sale model to sell and distribute our products with Natura’s brand. It’s a model that promotes a strong connection between buyer and seller, which proportionate a favorable experience of individualized purchase.

In the set of our operations – Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and France – we count on more than 1.7 million of Natura consultants that, in an autonomous and not exclusive way, buy and resell our products. To support the consultancy business, in each commercial cycle (generally 21 days) we distribute a new catalog to the consultants, that we name Natura’s magazine, containing our products, launches and promotions.

Continuous training, a wide portfolio of high quality products, samples and excellence in services are differentials that we offer to ours consultants and that place Natura in a distinct position.

Products commercialized with the Aesop brand, acquired on March 2013, have their commercialization done, mainly, through a network of own stores in Australia, Asia, Europe, and United States.

Characteristics of our Direct Sale’s model

Natura Consultant (CN)

Independent resellers who buy products direct from Natura and resell those to clients in the way that best fit themselves. There is no exclusivity contract, no employment entailment, neither a minimal required time of association with Natura. The CNs are, before everything else, consumers that experience our products, know ours concepts and believes, and afterwards, from the experiences  that they had previously, they feel confident and start selling our products to their network of relationships.

Natura Digital Consultant (CND)

Self-employed resellers who do not have a formal labor relationship with Natura, and that use the Natura Network space as selling platform .

Natura Consultant Advisor (CNO)

They are also resellers as the CNs, and beyond that, they indicate new candidates to become CNs. They give advice to a group of consultants about the cycle’s promotions and Natura’s internal service channels. They are autonomous workers, without employment entailment with Natura.

Commercial Cycle

Each commercial cycle is a period of approximately 21 days when we publish a new Natura Magazine (catalog), offering new promotions, products’ launch, besides offering meetings and trainings to our consultants.

Natura Magazine

It’s the catalog that contains our portfolio of products, as well as the suggested price to consumer’s sale. It’s an important marketing tool that also transmits ours believes and values, besides the concepts of each sub brand.

Order Cycle

It’s the process that involves since the moment when CNs places the order until the products’ delivery to the end consumer. The consultant, respecting the minimal order, can place the order throughout the internet or telephone on the Natura attending center (CAN), receive the products at their home and they have 21 to 60 days to pay for those. The consultants have a limit of credit that grows according to the time that they work as consultants, and with their historical payments.

Relationship with the consultants

In each cycle we invite the consultants to the Natura meeting, where the Natura magazine news are presented.  It is also offered trainings for acquiring knowledge  about products, and categories, which will boost the consultants’ business. Besides, the CNs are annually recognized for their time of activity and for their volume of sales.

Different direct sales’ shapes adopted with the Natura Brand

Monolevel model: Argentina

In this business’ model, there’s only one network of relationship between Natura and Natura consultants (CNs).

Bi-level model: Brazil, Chile, Peru and Colombia

In this business’ model, besides the commercialization of products, the Natura Consultant Advisor (CNO) can form groups of relationships through their indication and, consequently, they can be remunerated for that. The CNOs does not have an employment entailment with Natura.

Multilevel model: Mexico

The model named “Sustainable Relationship Network” was implanted in 2011. This model allows the Mexican consultants to rise through eight levels according to the attraction of new constituents for their own network, and also to the social environmental actions in their communities. There is no employment entailment with Natura.

Digital Model/ Natura Network: Brazil

In this business’ model the Natura Digital Consultants (CND) uses the Natura Network, that allows the Natura Consultants to create their own website through which to relate with customers and sell Natura products, combining this format with the traditional direct selling model and increasing their productivity. For the client, this channel serves as yet another option for acquiring Natura products that are delivered directly by Natura and may be paid using credit card or bank payment slips in a secure environment.

Commercial Model adopted with the Aesop brand

Aesop can be found in its original country, Australia, and also in countries in Asia, North America and Europe.

To attend the different countries which constitute their consumer market, Aesop adopts some distribution channels:

  • Signature stores: places where consumers can acquire products, besides having contact with the essence and history of the brand through a pleasant and unique experience.
  • Department Stores
  • Online:
  • Selected International establishments: hotels, restaurants and flight companies.

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