Animal Testing

We believe in the relationship of individuals with themselves and in the relationship they sustain with others, while respecting nature. We aspire for our products, our relationship network and our corporate behavior to help each individual to see themselves as an integral part of the chain of life and to appreciate and care for the planet and its diversity.

Since December 2006, we do not perform animal testing in the development of our products or raw materials to assess their safety or effectiveness. This decision is fully in keeping with our reason for being, which translates into the development and marketing of products and services that promote the concept of well being well.

Instead of using animals in our tests, we use the world’s most advanced assessment techniques, which include computer models, research and continuous review of data published in the international scientific literature, as well as in vitro tests, which are also accepted by the global scientific community. We also have a team of scientists working with the most advanced technologies to make assessments increasingly more accurate and efficient.

Our suppliers are aware of our positioning with regard to animal testing. We know that it is possible for a supplier in our chain to conduct animal testing on their raw materials to serve other companies operating in markets or industries that require such tests for regulatory purposes.

We seek to act as protagonists with regard to this topic and have formed a network of partnerships with academia, laboratories and trade associations in order to disseminate and encourage the practice of eliminating animal testing in the local and global cosmetics industry.

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